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NEW: An alternate formula is now available, made with a different blend of solvents for use in areas where certain volatile organic materials may not be desirable. Contact Trylaner today to learn more about this option.

Originally formulated for use in the manufacture of printed circuit boards and silicon wafers, SILITECT II is now most often used across the optical media industry. CD and DVD manufacturers around the world endorse this unique stamper coating because of its superior performance characteristics. This inimitable product dries fast, strips clean and provides unparalleled protection from scratching and marring during handling and polishing.

Because of exceptional durability, SILITECT II is also the obvious choice for treating master media before long-term storage. A tough vinyl skin prevents scratching and potential oxidation – both of which could have disastrous effects on the integrity of the master.

SILITECT II is impregnated with transparent red dye for easy visual inspection and identification, and is guaranteed to be non-staining and stable to 100 ° Celsius.

This coating material can be applied by spinning, spraying or dipping, and offers foolproof protection for any optical disc manufacturing process.

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